Woodstock, New York

Woodstock, New York

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Woodstock is a small town in the Catskills about 2 hours from New York City. The town is famous because of the iconic Woodstock Music Festival held in the area in 1969. Although festival wasn’t actually held in Woodstock (it was held on a farm in Bethel about 60 miles away), the town lended it’s name since the festival was going to be nearby. Woodstock has always been popular for artists, musicians, and writers which gives it a chill, hippie vibe. It’s a great escape from New York City and one of our favorite upstate NY towns we’ve visited.

How to get to Woodstock

  • Car - about a 2 hour drive

  • Public Transportation - Bus from Port Authority

Where to Stay

We stayed at an Airbnb when we went but have heard great things about The Lodge as well.

Best Things To Do

  • Walk down Main St.

  • Go shopping on Tinker St.

  • Listen to some live music at The Village Green

  • Hike Overlook Mountain

  • Byrdcliffe Theatre

  • Visit Opus 40

Where to Eat & Drink

  • Phoenicia Diner

  • Joshua’s Cafe

  • Station Bar & Curio

  • Little Apple

Although we feel like we saw all Woodstock has to offer, this is definitely a place we can see ourselves coming back to. It’s very relaxing and a great place to come to refresh and recharge.

Living the hippie life in Woodstock

We took a quick weekend trip to adventure around Woodstock, NY! It was magical.

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