San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica


“Pura Vida” is a phrase you hear everywhere in Costa Rica, but it’s more than just words, it’s the local way of life. Directly translated it means “pure life” and that is definitely the vibe of the country. Costa Rica is fairly small but it’s so diverse. There are so many different landscapes all in one place like volcanoes, rainforests, mountains, & beaches. Our first stop in Costa Rica was the capital city, San Jose.

Where to Stay

In San Jose we stayed at Hotel Santo Tomas and to be honest, it felt like we were at a luxury hotel for a budget price. The hotel grounds were beautiful with an amazing backyard area (where the free breakfast was served) and a pristine pool. The location was perfect also, it was about 4-5 blocks from the main part of San Jose where all the shops, food, and landmarks are. The owner is actually American which we didn’t know until he came over to talk to us at breakfast haha. This is one of the nicest hotels we’ve ever stayed in and we definitely recommend it if you’re looking to stay in San Jose.

How to get Around

We walked pretty much everywhere in San Jose but for places that we wanted to go that were not walkable we used Uber! Yes, Uber works there and it is very cheap, we mainly used it to go to some outlying towns like Heredia and Alajuela.

Best Things to Do

  • Poás Volcano (an active volcano that we didn’t get to see because it actually erupted a few days before we arrived!)

  • Walk down Avenida Central

  • Go shopping at Mercado de Artesanias

  • Explore Mercado Central (we got some fresh coconuts there!)

  • Britt Coffee Tour (about 30 minutes away in Heredia)

Where to Eat & Drink

We ate at “sodas” a lot which are small family-owned restaurants (kind of like NYC bodegas). Sodas are everywhere in San Jose, and all the ones we ate at were amazing and super cheap! They have traditional Costa Rican food like rice & beans with your choice of meat, or in our case, vegetables haha. If you want the local experience you should definitely go to a soda for some authentic, amazing food. Some other places we ate at are listed below:

  • Soda Tapia

  • La Bodeguita Del Medio

  • Cafe Rojo

  • Restaurante Nuestra Tierra

  • Steifel (a bar with a great beer selection!)

In comparison to the other parts of Costa Rica, San Jose doesn’t have much to see and do. You probably come because it’s convenient but you stay because of the culture, and we think it’s definitely worth a visit.


Part 1 of our Costa Rican adventure is finally here!!! We went to so many places that we had to split Costa Rica into a few videos. If you want to know more details about the places we went or what to do there leave a comment and we'll get back to you!
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