Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy


Italy was somewhere we had both talked about going since the beginning of our relationship basically. We found a cheap flight deal and decided to go and it was one of our absolute favorite trips! Rome was magical and full of so much history. We spent a few days in Rome and we explore pretty extensively so we feel like we saw everything we wanted to. Rome was one of those places you see in photos and it looks beautiful but when you see it in person, it’s even better than you imagined.

How to get to Rome

The Fuimcino airport in’t in the city center of Rome. You’ll need to take a taxi (expensive) or the train (way cheaper) to get to the heart of Rome. The train is super easy to navigate and is very efficient. When you get off the plane you’ll want to follow signs for Trentalia which is the train company that operates all over Italy.

From the airport there are 2 options to get to Rome 1) you can take the Leonardo Express train that will take you directly there with no extra stops for about $15 per person or 2) you can take the local train that makes a few stops along the way but still gets you to the same price for about $8 per person. We took the local train and had no problems whatsoever! We did have to transfer one time but the transfer was super easy. We definitely recommend taking the local train if you’re trying to save some money!

Where to Stay

We stayed in Rome two different times during our trip in two different areas and we definitely liked one more than the other. The first time we stayed in Rome we stayed right near the Spanish Steps and we loved that area so much. It felt very safe and was in walking distance to everything we wanted to see. The only time we took the subway was to go to and from the train station! We definitely recommend staying in Piazza di Spagna if you can because the location is ace.

Best Things to Do

  • Have your Lizzie McGuire moment at Trevi Fountain (which was off the entire time we were in Rome :( we have to go back!)

  • Admire the Pantheon

  • Be mesmerized by the Colosseum

  • Walk around some ancient history at the Roman Forum

  • Explore around Piazza Navona

  • Get lost exploring the streets of Trastevere

  • People watch on the Spanish Steps

  • Eat some gelato at one of the oldest gelateria’s, Gilotti

  • Indulge in some apertivo

Where to Eat & Drink

  • Spaghetteria L’archetto (our fav meal in Rome, only around €7 a dish!)

  • Giolitti

  • Dar poeta

  • Il Baretto

  • Have an aperol spritz literally anywhere during apertivo


Trastevere is the area of Rome across the Tiber River. It’s commonly called the “Brooklyn” of Rome and we can totally see why! Trastevere has a totally different vibe than the city center, it’s definitely more “hipster” and less touristy while still having the heart of soul of Rome. We spent a few hours in Trastevere and completely fell in love with it. Trastevere is trendy and you could tell it’s a place where more of the locals live and hangout in. We just walked aimlessly thought the gorgeous streets and it was one of our favorite experiences in Rome. We definitely recommend coming to this area during your trip for a totally different experience away from the tourists.

If you’re looking for some more details about the places we visited in Rome, check out our Rome vlog below! It was raining a lot during our days in Rome which kind of put a damper on the things we wanted to do but we didn’t let it get us down!

Rome if you want to

The first few days of our Italy trip were spent exploring Rome & Naples. We did encounter some bad weather (like the torrential downpour kind where your clothes are soaked) but that didn't stop us from having a grand ol' time!
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