Cold Spring, New York

Cold Spring, New York


Cold Spring is a quaint town in the mountains along the Hudson River. The town itself it cute but small, filled with antique shops and restaurants. There’s also a lot of hiking trails nearby making it a great spot for nature lovers and for those who just want to chillax. You only need a few days here to see it all but, just like a lot of the towns we visited in the Hudson Valley, it’s definitely worth the trip.

How to get to Cold Spring

Cold Spring is about a 2 hour drive from NYC, but you could also take the Metro North to Cold Spring Station which makes is very easily accessible. We liked having the car because there were a lot of things to do nearby that weren’t in walking distance, but you can definitely come here by train and have a great time.

Best Things to Do

  • Walk down Main Street

  • Walk along the Hudson River waterfront

  • Go hiking at Breakneck Ridge or Bear Mountain (we hiked Bear Mountain!)

  • Go antique shopping

Where to Eat & Drink

  • Hudson Hil’s Market & Cafe

  • Hacienda Mexicana

  • South Gate Tavern

  • Foundry Cafe

Cold Spring is small but definitely a great place to go to unwind. For more tips on what to do while in Cold Spring, check out our vlog below where we take you through our trip and give some more in depth recommendations!

The Hudson River was Frozen!

We took a quick weekend road trip up to Cold Spring, NY and had a blast! We explored the cute town, hiked up Bear Mountain, and saw the Hudson River frozen over! So cool! Have you ever been to Cold Spring? Let us know in the comments!
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