Bohol, Philippines

Bohol, Philippines

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Bohol was the island we were most excited to see in the Philippines, and it did not disappoint. There is so much to do and see there and a variety of diverse activities. One day we were sitting on the beach with a beer in our hand, the next day we were on a 2 hour motorbike ride to the mountains. The nature of Bohol is so beautiful and begs to be explored on your own. We loved every minute we spent there and honestly, we wished we could have stayed even longer.

How To Get to Bohol

There is a small local airport in Tagbilaran City, but most people (including us) would take the ferry. We hopped on an OceanJet ferry from Cebu City Pier 1 and got to the Tagbilaran port in Bohol in about 2 hours. The cheapest ferry ticket is 500 pesos (about $10 USD) for the tourist class where you are seated outdoors. We actually didn’t mind that and liked feeling the wind in our hair on the journey. There are extra fees like baggage & the terminal fee, but those are all very cheap. Just make sure you have plenty of cash on you!

From the Tagbilarian port you can take a tricycle to your hotel. We paid about 350 pesos ($5) to get from Tagbiliaran to Alona Beach which we thought was a good deal! No need to take a car, the tricycles are cheaper and a much more authentic experience.

Where To Stay

Most tourists stay in Alona Beach, which is at the tip of the island in Panglao. We thought that area might be even too touristy for us based on reviews, but we actually really enjoyed it there! We stayed at the Paragayo Resort which was only a 5 minute walk to the beach. The wifi at the hotel only worked in the lobby, but other than that we thought it was a great deal and in a great location! We definitely recommend staying in Alona Beach because there is so much to do there including shops, restaurants, bars, & tours! It’s also an easy motorbike ride to the main attractions like the Chocolate Hills & Tarsier Sanctuary.

Best Things To Do

  • Visit the Chocolate Hills

  • Admire the cutest creatures ever at the Tarsier Sanctuary (make sure you visit the one in Corella, as it is run by the official Philippine Tarsier Foundation!)

  • Go waterfall hunting in Dimiao

  • Watch the sunset on Alona Beach

  • Take a tour of the Bohol Bee Farm

Where to Eat & Drink

  • Shaka Bowls

  • Bamboo Place

  • Luna Rossa Vegetarian Italian

  • Panglao Birdwatcher’s

  • Bohol Bee Farm Buzzz Cafe

Bohol was a dream. We can’t even express into words how beautiful it was there, so I guess you’ll just have to watch our vlogs from our trip to see for yourselves! Is Bohol on your bucket list?

The Best of Bohol - Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers, + MORE!

Welcome to Bohol! Bohol was one of our favorite places we EVER visited. There is so much to do on the island and it's absolutely beautiful! On our first full day we rented a motorbike and decided to drive to see the famous Chocolate Hills & the cutest little creatures called Tarsiers!

Chasing Waterfalls in Bohol

On our last day in Bohol we tried to fit in as much as we could so we started the day hunting for waterfalls in Dimiao and ending the day at the Bohol Bee Farm! We LOVED Bohol and could have stayed even longer if we had the time. Is Bohol on your bucket list?!

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