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Arizona stole our hearts. It was one of our first trips together and we were totally mesmerized by its beauty. There were so many places we wanted to see in the Arizona that we decided to rent a car and road trip around the state! We started in Phoenix and just went from there.


Jerome was a mining town in the late 1800s that has since been (nearly) abandoned. It’s located between Phoenix and Sedona and is in the perfect spot for a pit stop if you’re planning on driving that route. The town has a few shops and restaurants, but out favorite part was walking through the Ghost Town and seeing all the old artifacts.


We knew we wanted to visit Sedona on our trip because of the energy vortex. Sedona itself is considered to be a vortex which basically means the earth has aligned so specifically there that you can literally feel the energy. A lot of people say the energy there makes them feel inspired & recharged and we definitely agree. There’s lots to do and see in Sedona so we’ll list our stand outs from our trip below:

  • Cathedral Rock

  • Red Rock State Park

  • Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

  • Oak Creek Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The main reason we wanted to visit Arizona was to see The Grand Canyon. The drive from Sedona to to The Grand Canyon is about 2.5 hours. We wanted to hike into the canyon and there are a ton of different trails you can take if you decide to do that. We hiked the South Rim of The Grand Canyon down South Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Point which took about 3 hours. To this day it’s one of our favorite things we’ve ever done. If you’re going to hike make sure you bring plenty of water and some food! You can totally visit The Grand Canyon and not hike though, there are a bunch of lookout points you can drive and look at, but the views from inside the canyon are incredible and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


From The Grand Canyon we drove to Flagstaff which is another 2 hour drive. Flagstaff is a town full of history and is well known because the old Route 66 runs through it. We only spent one day there but that was enough to see almost everything. Our favorite things we did in Flagstaff are listed below:

  • Historic Downtown & Railroad District

  • Old Route 66

  • Walnut Canyon

  • The Museum Club

Even though we drove all around Arizona there were still so many places we wanted to see! We didn’t get a chance to see it all so I guess that means we will have to come back again ;)

Woodstock, New York

Woodstock, New York